Other Services

Both in the Czech Republic and elsewhere, the fields of banking, finance, and securities are complex and highly regulated. Navigating the grey areas in the law requires skill and attention to detail. rutland & partners attorneys have extensive experience in financial law, banking, insurance and capital markets, and can provide advice to domestic and foreign banks, securities brokers, mutual funds, pension funds, and other financial institutions in all aspects of their businesses. rutland & partners attorneys have experience in many areas where financing is the key issue.


Real Estate

Sound investment in real estate requires knowledge of all available investment structures and their respective tax implications. It is highly advisable to carry out due diligence covering title and financial issues prior to making any investment decision.


Quick companies will help you with:

  • Due diligence to uncover liens
  • Real estate acquisition financing, including drafting of financing documentation
  • Efficient refinancing of existing real estate loans in the course of property acquisition
  • Providing and preparing escrow services and agreements for both asset purchases and corporate share purchase transactions


Acquisitions of companies

Our team is prepared to guide our clients from initial exploration of the possibilities for investment to the full realization of profitable, advantageously structured operations in the Czech Republic and elsewhere in Central Europe. We know how to anticipate key issues that will arise in the course of financing of a buyout or other acquisition of an existing company. We can effectively assist in small, simple transactions, as well as large, multimillion-dollar projects impacted by complex national and international regulatory and tax issues.


We can:

  • Negotiate terms and draft documentation for loans and equity participation
  • Assist in due diligence processes related to the financial status and possible hidden financial obligations
  • When financial difficulties arise, represent our clients in negotiating workouts, or filing for restructuring of debts and bankruptcy proceedings


Bond Issues

Issuance of bonds is more common in the Czech Republic than public offerings of equity. Quick companies specialists have experience in the Czech bond market and with the Czech Capital Market Undertakings Act.


They can advise and assist with:

  • Public bond offerings and private placement of securities and financial instruments in the Czech Republic
  • Listing of bonds for trading on financial markets in the Czech Republic
  • Regulation of investment and other financial services, including representation before and communication with regulatory authorities