Other Services

One key to business success is finding and retaining the right employees. Quick companies specialists have long experience in drafting employment contracts, ensuring compliance with laws on social insurance and labor relations, and dealing with the occasional dispute.

We also have years of experience in establishing, documenting and obtaining work permits for foreign employees employed by Czech employers and Czech employees employed by foreign employers.

This includes the choice of the most appropriate form of employment relationship and complex issues of compensation, taxation, health insurance coverage and pension insurance.

Our specialists are here also to help you with corporate governance. We can advise small businesses and large international firms how to structure their entities in the Czech Republic to their greatest advantage.


Employment and management contracts and their termination

Our specialists can put their expertise to work for you ensuring that your employment contracts conform to the latest European and Czech rules, including those affecting pensions and other employee benefits.

If you are dissatisfied with your employees, we can advise you how to terminate them because Czech employees with employment contracts are well protected and cannot be terminated at will. Legitimate reasons in general include organizational change, qualified breach of employee’s duty or incapacity. Under certain circumstances, employees are moreover entitled to statutory severance pay (combined with a notice period).


We frequently assist with:

  • Employment contracts
  • Terminations and dismissals of employees
  • Labor disputes
  • Drafting of termination notices
  • Review of termination-related documents (notices, decision on organizational change, etc.)
  • Representation in lawsuits on unlawful termination of employment

Dealing with authorities

The employment relationship is regulated not only by the Czech Labor Code, but also by the Employment Act and various public health regulations. Governmental bodies therefore also have control over individual relationships. All the regulations mentioned above can be confusing for someone not familiar with Czech law, and we are here to help you with:

  • risk analysis
  • representation in administrative proceedings before the labor inspection authority
  • appellate process before administrative courts


Establishment of employment relationship

Czech law knows three types of contracts between the employer and the employee. Every type has its own specific features and is subject to different rules under the Czech Labor Code. The main type, the employment contract, is heavily regulated but can still be set up in a variety of ways. Labor law is one of the most complex fields of law in the Czech Republic.

  • choosing the most suitable form of employment relationship
  • tailoring termination options, remuneration system (e.g., variable wage) etc.
  • assistance with employee cards, work permits